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Having Twitter Trouble?

If you’re looking for a hot social network, why don’t you start using Twitter? It’s very easy to sign up and most of all, it’s free. According to some experts, the success that Twitter is experiencing right now is short lived. If you’re one of the million users of the site, perhaps you’ve already experienced receiving lots of tweets everyday. There are those who receive hundreds of tweets and so who wouldn’t get tired of receiving and answering them? But you see, Twitter was designed to keep […]

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Handling Twitter Slap

Many individuals are easily convinced to sign up with Twitter because it is a great place to meet different kinds of people. You can also interact with them twenty fours hours everyday. Twitter is similar to Facebook and MySpace; it already has millions of users worldwide. When someone follows you in Twitter, you’re also expected to follow them back; but that remains a personal choice. If you know proper etiquette, you will learn to appreciate them as you use Twitter day by day. The site also provides […]

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Twitter Clients – No, Not That Kind Of Client

As Twitter gains popularity, it has also driven the popularity of another recent internet phenomenon, that of the desktop “client”. Not a website, but still connected to the web, a client is a program that draws information from and distributes it to a website without the user needing to visit that site themselves. While this is not always a necessity, it does increase the convenience of the service. One particular reason for using a client is that you may be surfing another site and want to keep […]

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